Louver Panel

Heavy Duty Louver Panel


Heavy Duty Louver Panel can be used in front of slotted angle rack and also heavy duty racks. In this case louver panel sheet attached along with back rack.

Medium Duty Louver Panel


Medium Duty Louver Panel can be used In auto parts display, these types of racks are very useful. We cab design these Racks as per client’s requirements these all racks are adjustable you can adjust them yourself.

Double Sided Louver Panel


Double Sided Louver Panel mostly used in Auto shops with double sided helps to hang your Bin Boxes on it; through these bin boxes we can easily separate and display our products according to their product size.

Louver Panel Sheet


Louver Panel Sheet is a sheet made with MS Steel which is used to hang your bin boxes in this sheet. You can use this sheet to hang your bin boxes in auto shops or other purposes.